The New Bengal

We endeavour to create a warm, welcoming, efficient and well-organised experience for all of our guests.

In order for us to do this effectively and minimise any unintended disappointment or inconvenience to potential guests we respectfully request that you accept the following when making a reservation.   

How to book

We welcome reservations made by telephone (023 9258 3722) between 5.30pm and 12am, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept online reservations.


A deposit is required for reservations for 8 or more persons on Fridays, Saturdays and various other public holidays. Any reservations that require a deposit will need to be cancelled the day before the event in order to receive a full refund of that deposit.

Duration of Booking

In order to allow us to effectively organise reservations and to avoid inconvenience and disappointment to other diners we ask that our diners expect to keep their tables for the following durations

1-4 diners : Up to 2 hours

4-8 diners : Up to 2 and a half hours

8 or more diners : 3 hours

If you would like to book your table for longer than the duration listed above, please feel free to let us know at the time of making the reservation.

Number of diners

Due to significant costs incurred by us as a result of unused covers, we request that you provide us with adequate notice if there are significantly fewer guests than anticipated. Without such notice, we regret that it may be necessary to apply a surcharge (£5 per place reserved) to cover our costs. Please also be aware that it may not be possible to accommodate unexpected additional guests without adequate notice. 


Sometimes, due to circumstances outside of our control, it may not be possible to have a table ready in time for your reservation. In such circumstances we will always endeavour to give you as accurate an idea as possible as to the length of the expected delay. If you do not wish to wait, any deposit you have paid will be refunded in full.

If you are experiencing an unavoidable delay in attending, we will endeavour to keep your table for as long as possible. However, during periods of high demand, we regret that we are only able to hold tables for 10 minutes unless we receive adequate notice.   

Refusal of Service

Please be aware that even in the event of a reservation, we reserve the right to refuse service to any person or group who we believe could be disruptive or be the cause of an unpleasant atmosphere for other diners or our staff.

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